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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
Category: Health
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When having a brain mri done to try to identify the cause of

Customer Question

When having a brain mri done to try to identify the cause of my syrinx, they found volume loss involving the supratentorial portion of the brain and mild volume loss involving the posterior fossa. I have been referred to a neuro, nut have to wait a while to get in. Should I be concerned and what causes this. I am 40, and very active.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Brims replied 4 years ago.
Dr Brims :

Hello, welcome to the site! My name is***** and I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek

Dr Brims :

I'm sorry to hear about this

Dr Brims :

The mild volume loss is due to a loss of fluid in the brain which has accumulated in the spinal cord

Dr Brims :

Have you had any injury or infection?

Customer: No, just the syrinx.
Customer: The volume loss is in two areas.
Dr Brims :

Have you had an MRI of your spinal cord?

Customer: Yes.
Dr Brims :

And was there anything found like scar tissue or a tumor?

Customer: No, other than the syrinx in the thoracic area, there was mild bulging and buckling, spurring and moderate stenotic changes at L4-5
Customer: Also a minimal rotary scoliosis convex to the left. In the lumbar mri
Dr Brims :

Okay, then I don't think you need to worry about a serious cause, it may be due to tissue attached to your spinal cord limiting its movement, the more serious causes seem to have been ruled out

Customer: Thank you.
Dr Brims :

You're quite welcome

Dr Brims :

If you have any questions in the future, you may request me (Dr Brims) and I will answer

Dr Brims :

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Expert:  Dr. Brims replied 4 years ago.
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