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Dr. Anil
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I spent 2 hours with my legs unproteted at the beach 2 days

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I spent 2 hours with my legs unproteted at the beach 2 days ago and received what I thought was a moderate burn on the fronts of both legs/top of my feeth. The burn itself does not hurt much (surface wise), however there is a lot of swelling underneath. If my legs are elevated things are fine, but if I attempt to stand it feels like blood is rushing to the swollen tissue and the pain is excruciating - as if the tissue is ripping itself apart. It hurts when I stand still but as I begin walking it starts to subside. Getting up or standing still are so painful that I cringe at the thought. Is this serious? How long will this last? What types of treatments should I be using? I am in the Dominican Republic on vacation and don't have easy access to a healthcare provider.
Associated red rash,skin discoloration on legs and feet?
Any other medical history?
Are you taking any medications?
Lower back pain?
Are you overweight?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No rash or discoloration other than redness from the sunburn. Looks pretty "normal" as sun burns go - red, but not deep red or purple. No rash as in bumps or blisters or anything of that sort.

I am not taking medications. I do not have any other pain nor am I burnt in any other areas except a very mild burn on the arms which is causing minimal discomfort if any at all.

I am not diabetic. I am overweight and I do smoke.

Thanks for providing more information.
As you describe,possible causes may include Vasculitis due to sun exposure,Sun burn.
And you should try some self care measures which may include
keep your legs elevated during rest, avoid prolonged standing.
Take Tab Advil 400 mg three times a day after meals.
Apply a 1:1 mixture of OTC 1% Hydrocortizone cream and Bacitracin ointment over the affected area and stay out of direct sunlight.
Putting the Aloe Vera gel can provide soothing effect.
Also increase your water intake to help move that fluid out of the tissues and help with healing.
Avoid sodas (especially diet) and high sodium foods and drinks, so basically nothing canned or pre-cooked or pre-prepared foods.
Avoid alcohol,salt intake as much as possible.
Also apply sunscreen 50+ sunscreen every 2-3 hourly if they are exposed to sunlight.
Cover the affected area and wear cotton clothes.
Exercise your legs.
If your symptoms'll get worse over the time then visit ER.
I hope this helps.
If you have any further query then feel free to ask.
Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.
Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Should I avoid walking or is that what you mean by exercise? I am concerned that I'm actually causing damage by standing/walking.

Have you seen these symptoms in other patients? Is there any type of timeline for how long this type of swelling/pain might last?

You should do gentle stretching exercises of your legs to keep good circulation in your legs and feet.
And walking for few minutes is good.
Avoid prolonged hours of walking/standing for hours can aggravate your symptoms.
Usually with such self care measures,you can get relief in few days.
If your symptoms'll not improve or get worse over the time then a clinical examination by nearby doctor or at ER should be considered.
I hope this helps.
If you have any further query then feel free to ask.
Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.
Thank you.
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