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Hello, I had right inguinal hernia surgery just over 5 weeks

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Hello, I had right inguinal hernia surgery just over 5 weeks ago. At about week 3.5 I was starting to really feel better, getting my mobility back, being able to laugh more without a lot of pain, etc. Then due to the pain meds I had the toughest bowel movement of my life... 45 minutes whereby I eventually had to push as hard as I ever have. I could literally feel the strain on my three incisions upon the last two pushes, it was terrible. The following day my three laproscopic incisions, or at least behind them, started to become very sore again, it hurt to sit at work and stand up, eventually taking a few minutes each time I stood up for the stiff pain the eventually ease up as I walked. This lasted for about 4-5 days, then started to go away, but then another tough bowel movement, not as tough, but still it hurt me the next day. I also started driving my manual transmission car after this second movement and that seems to really irritate behind my three incisions. It feels so much better to take few days off driving and have easier bowel movements. So there seems to be a clear correlation, but is this a case of taking more time to heal after straining it all over again? It worries me that I can't seem to drive a manual transmission, basically my car to work at this time without seemingly going backwards. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
Do you have blood in stool?
Pain during defecation?
Which medicines are you taking now?
Any other medical illness?
Mucus in stool?
Prolonged hours of sitting?

Thanks dear.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No blood in stool, no pain during defecation, except if I have to push then it's basically where my incisions are, really a soreness.


I was on Motrin 800mg until last week when I ran out, which my GP said was probably slowing down the healing process but still wanted me on it for inflammation. I also discontinued the percoset pain med. So no medicines right now.


No mucus in stool.


Yes, prolonged hours of laying in bed and sitting at work, which I have quite honestly "babied" myself, which has left me in extremely poor physical condition. I just started some longer walks today.


Probably the movements while driving the car can strain the incision site.
Secondly constant straining while bowel movement can cause increase intra-abdominal pressure and can strain the incisional site and can result in incisional hernia.
So it is best to avoid constipation at all cost.
You should discuss with your doctor about enema.
Also drink plenty of water.
Take fibre supplements like metamucil.

A followup with your surgeon can also be considered as well.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I saw my surgeon yesterday and told him all that I am telling you. His answer was that I should be lifting up to 300 pounds by now and to get exercising. He took a quick look at the outside of the incisions and said they looked good. I told him that I was still sore as I sat there in front of him. He didn't do any further examination, no check for further hernia, etc. I drove home from his office and was still in pain or basically sore until I went to bed.


I have been doing much better with higher fiber diet and more water intake, so I haven't been straining with my bowel for the last week. The only pain trigger has been driving my car now.



If incision sites are good probably the bad straining you had didn't do any damage.

But yes it is better to avoid constipation.

Well i think this may be due to many weeks of rest that muscles in the area are not in good shape.
Some basic exercising like walking etc can help to regain body fitness.
May be in next few days you should feel a little better.
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