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I am 29 yr old indian (asian) I dont have a history of sinus

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I am 29 yr old indian (asian) I dont have a history of sinus problems and have never have this happen to me before. It all started a couple of months ago when i was flying to wisconsin. While the flight was landing i felt a severe pain where the eyebrows part and it was like someone is driving a pin into my head. But then once we landed everything was back to normal once i pinched my nose and blow. but since then i have been able to smell/taste blood every time i blow the nose at the back of my throat. Not very later i went to sky diving and while in free fall i felt the same severe pinching pain in the same place and was gone once i got down pinched and blow my nose this was couple of weeks ago. Last week when i was in the gym i felt a mild headache more like a hangover, it felt like my head was heavy. after gym when all of a sudden i blow my nose and i see bloody snot coming out of my nose. and it continued till the night. The next day i had a slight fever but nothing serious and it was gone by the end of the week which was couple of days. Now again i feel feverish and a weird feeling in my right nostril and everytime i pinch and blow my ears dont fall back to normal. It takes time to get back to normal and though it is not painful it is annoying. and i feel dull and feverish for couple of days. what could it be ? and is there a treatment for it over the counter like mucinex or should i be visiting an ENT specialist. Please advice and thank you for reading my lengthy question.


Smoking:-- very mild ( once a week that too half a cigarette or couple of drags )

drinking:-- very mild ( once a week a beer or two )

very mild feeling of a  stuffy nose,

no ear infections history

no cold right now just a cough or  a strep throat ( which is very mild)

Hello and welcome, I am happy to help you today.

Took quite sometime getting through your medical history.

You definitely need an ENT check up to exclude a condition known as DNS or deviated nasal septum. this can often lead to bleeding from the nose without any injury or sinus inflammation. This can be detected by an X ray of the paranasal sinuses also. However, a speculum examination would b necessary.

The feverish feeling could be due to virus / flu which causes mild upper respiratory inflammation with ear fullness, headaches and ear block.
You can take oxymetazoline drops OTC if you have nasal block.This will clear your nose and relieve the headache too. Take steam and menthol inhalation too.

I hope my answer has helped you.

Please remember to rate my service positive once you have all the information you need. If you have any other questions, please ask me – I’ll be happy to respond. Thank you! Bonuses would be appreciated.

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So do you have any more question?
Hello Ashwin,

How are you? I believe I have answered your question. If you need any more help,feel free to ask.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I wanted to know if DNS was something i need to worry about and do i have to absolutely visit a doctor for my present condition. But then i researched DNS and saw it wasnt a big deal and i dont need to worry about. I used the OTC which relieved me of my condition and as you said it did look like a Virus that was causing my feverish feeling. I had antibiotics with me which along with the OTC gave me relief and i am now feeling absolutely fine. I actually sent this note before and was waiting for your reply but looks like my follow up questions never reached you ( some technical difficulty i assume). Anyways your help was much appreciated and thank you for the follow up.

Hello Ashwin, it is great to receive your reply! Yes, I never got any reply before.
DNS is not a medical emergency but it can cause nasal bleeding sometimes that needs to be attended as soon as possible depending on the severity.

Good to know that you have recovered . Viral infection indeed run their own course.

Have a great day ahead!

It was wonderful assisting you.

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