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911Doctor, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified Emergency Physician
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I have a myriad of health issues which I'm managing through.

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Hi doctor
I have a myriad of health issues which I'm managing through. At this moment the most pressing concern is my sleep. I take 10mg zolnoxs most nights, sometimes a little less. However, the past two night I haven't fallen asleep despite taking 10mg. Can I safely take another 10mg (making it 20mg) for the night just as a means to falling asleep as soon as possible?
911Doctor :

So the maximum recommended dose is 10mg

911Doctor :

do people sometimes take more?

911Doctor :


911Doctor :

can I recommend it?

911Doctor :


911Doctor :

what will happen?

911Doctor :

you may get some extra sleep effect and you will probably be fine, providing, of course, that you do not drink alcohol with it or use other medicines

911Doctor :

also, you should know, that zolnoxs is NOT recommended for long term treatment of insomnia

911Doctor :

and will start to lose its effectiveness the more nights you take it consecutively

911Doctor :

standing by

Customer: Ok I understand. As my current prescription finishes, should I do a 'cold turkey' method of ceasing treatment or should I gradually lower the dosage until I can sleep without the Zolnox?
911Doctor :

well either would be fine, but the question will be 'have you dealt with the underlying issue'...

Customer: Exercise, detox diet, Vit b12 supplements, VenlorXR, psychiatrist, psychologist, physiologist and even reflexologist! I think these tools in my toolbox each help in their own way and once I'm able to sustain and maintain a recommended schedule then my sleep will hopefully also improve. I have fibromyalgia, severe depressive disorder and anxiety.
911Doctor :

sound like you are in very good hands

911Doctor :

the most important thing is going to be to keep finding the positive

911Doctor :

and stand by one minute for a reference

Customer: Standing by
911Doctor :

do you have any final questions for me?

Customer: Excellent. Thank you.
911Doctor :

you are most welcome

Customer: I am happy with the questions
911Doctor :

Thank you so much for your question. It was a pleasure talking with you. If this answer has been helpful to you please consider leaving positive feedback. Should you require my assistance in the future simply start your question with ‘for 911doc’, and I am usually on the site most days.


911Doctor :

and good night/morning

Customer: Good night
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