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How does one tell if you have kidney stones? Is there a way

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How does one tell if you have kidney stones? Is there a way to disolve them without medication?
Hi--have you ever had kidney stones before and where exactly is the pain right now?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, the chiopractor said perhaps it was kidney stones since the pain is on both sides above waist. I drink a protein drink everyday plus othe protein. could that cause the problem?

Sorry for the delay. Any burning with urination?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No. I did have 7 weeks of radiation for breast cancer last year. The latest mamogramph was clear. they did say it could cause Bone weakness. It is both side so I don't think that is it. I have no other systems, just the pain on both sides around rib cage.

OK--this is not kidney stones. First off, it would be very rare indeed for one to get a stone on both sides at exactly the same time. And the pain of a kidney stone typically begins on one side of the back and then radiates around the side to the abdomen and down into the groin. Potentially a kidney infection on both sides could cause this bilateral back pain but that would be very unusual too and you'd have a high fever with that. If the back pain persists, I suggest you get an MRI of the spine to look for a disk problem
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