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I have an ache on my inside right leg between my knee and thigh.

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I have an ache on my inside right leg between my knee and thigh. Sometimes my knee aches all around the surface of the knee area but more my leg seems to pulse in the vein on the inside of my leg and up to 6-7 inches above my knee. It's irregular, doesn't happen all the time and I've had this for approximately 3 months. I've also noticed in the past six months that I have some shortness of breath, whether I walk up stairs or just on a flat surface, I'm 49 years of age.
Have you had any labs done recently or chest xray?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No, neither.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Are you suggesting I should see a doctor? Is this something for me to worry about?
Well, there are a number of possibilities here-
1. you could have a clot in your leg
2. This could be related to decreased blood flow in your leg
3. This could be a nerve related pain in your leg
4. This could be a problem within the muscle itself (strain)
5. This could be referred pain from arthritis

It is really hard to say without examining you. In addition, you may need a chest xray and labs done to make sure that you are not having fluid back up in the lungs which may be causing your decrease in ability to exercise.

In sum, you need to see a physician for evaluation and treatment- unfortunately- and sooner than later to make sure that you do not have blood clot in your leg, heart failure, kidney issues, which may be causing your symptoms

Thank you for your question and please keep me posted!

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