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My two year old grandaughter hit heads hard with my 4 week

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My two year old grandaughter hit heads hard with my 4 week old grandson. He already has a goose egg coming up, but he is ot crying. Should he get checked out at the ER or what should we watch for,
Hi--how long ago did this happen and what did he do the minute he was hit?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It happened about 12 minutes ago. When it first happened he kinda cried/yelled for a second, stopped crying and started blinking his eyes but now he is calm.

Well, since I can't examine him, I'm obligated to tell you to get him checked out at the ER. Since he wasn't knocked out and seems fine now, he'll probably be OK. If you choose not to take him to the ER, watch him for the next two hours. So long as he doesn't start complaining of a headache, doesn't start losing his balance, doesn't start vomiting, doesn't get overly drowsy over that time, he'll likely be fine
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