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I was recently diagnosed with Trichomoniasis, and I am

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Hello. I was recently diagnosed with Trichomoniasis, and I am confused as to how I have contracted it. I have been in a monogamous relationship for over a year now, and my partner swears he has been faithful. I am inclined to believe him, considering I have been to numerous health professionals over the last year because of re-occurring cases of "Yeast", "Bacterial vaginosis", "cervicitis", you name it. I have been told I had 3 yeast infections (without any cottage cheese discharge), 2 cases of bacterial vaginosis, and one case of cervicitis in the last year (since the beginning of this relationship). Prior to that, I was in a two year relationship with 1 yeast infection in 2 years. I am wondering if it is possible that I have had this all along? The symptoms went away after treatment for the above cases, but then my partner and I would have sex again, and a few weeks later they would re-appear. Could it have been a misdiagnosed case of Trich all along, or is it more likely that he slept around?
Hi--how exactly was the trich diagnosed and are you saying it never has shown up before with any testing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The trich was diagnosed after a pelvic exam was performed and a slide was prepared with a smear of my vaginal secretions. The trich has not shown up before with any testing (I had a blood test, pap smear, and G/C urine screening prior to that to look for STD causes of why I had such continual pain).

OK. There are a few things here. Men can be carriers of trich--no sypmtoms but the organism is there. That said, with a regular partner in a carrier state, you'd expect the woman to get symptomatic trich fairly soon after they began to be sexually active. Women aren't carriers, so your infection is new. What I'm saying here is that--sorry to have to say this--either your test was falsely positive (very unlikely) or your partner has recently had sex with someone else.
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