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I have constant burning in penile tip when sitting. It gets

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I have constant burning in penile tip when sitting. It gets worse over prolonged sitting and my one testical alternating some days and inner thigh start to hurt. I have been working non stop all over the world so I have only had area days to get it dealt with. One docter prescribed me cipro for a week claiming uti and it went away but came back around day 10. I went back but it was a different doctor who basically told me must be a sti which is highly unlikely as it had been about 4 months since active and it was with my wife. Like I said I have been working non stop. So I took the 5 pill all at once dose he gave me anyways which did make symptoms disappear for about 24 hours. So now I went to one last doctor as I was boarding a plane for work that night and he did a rectal exam and urine culture. He said my prostate was inflamned and have me 2 more weeks of cipro. I called from work a week later the urine culture came back fine but the cipro still is not working and I'm almost done. Again When I sit which I do a lot at work it bugs me it goes away when I walk around it bugs me a little when laying down and burns a bitter after urination if it is bugging me at the time. Is this typical of prostasitis and what else's can I do
HI. Just one question--did you also have a urinalysis and was that also normal?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
not sure he just took a urine sample. I was basically driving to the airport and swung in. I called later that week from work and they said nothing was wrong with the sample.
OK. It does sound like you have prostatitis and I'm a little surprised that the culture was negative, but that can happen. I would repeat the culture now but here are my thoughts. Sometimes it can take four to six weeks of an antibiotic to eradicate the infection so I would have continued you on the Cipro for another two weeks before I decided it wasn't effective. Also, since you took the first round of Cipro for just one week, it's possible that the bacteria involved have become resistant to it and I'd consider switching to Septra DS twice a day for four weeks. So basically you need to see a doctor one more time for a repeat culture and either a continuation of the Cipro for another two weeks or a switch to Septra DS for four more weeks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Why is it only in penile tip and not rectum or anything is that common. After reading online which I know I shouldn't do I keep coming across sti symptoms similar but I'm pretty confident that can't be and there's no discharge or anything. Also wouldn't the medication I took for that of killed it. One more question I've been getting headaches now and then is that a symptom or maybe a side effect of cipro. They started the same time I started taking it but its only once a week maybe.
the prostate can refer pain to the tip of the penis or into the testicles. It doesn't have to be all that tender itself and then cause rectal pain. This isn't an STD--it's likely just an E coli infection and even men with no history of sexual activity can get prostatitis. Headaches wouldn't be from the prostate and they could be from the Cipro although that isn't a very common side effect of Cipro
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