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Dr. David
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I had blood work done and am wanting to figure out what I can

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I had blood work done and am wanting to figure out what I can do to correct some issues.
I will only list the one's that are high.
was prefer range
Glucose Blood -----------------------107 65-99
Hemoglobin A1C with mpg -------------6.0 <5.7
Cholesterol, Total --------------------220 120-200
LDL- Cholesterol ---------------------155 <130

Below is the Vitamins I'm taking
Ginkgo Biloba
Cayenne Pepper
Men's complete multivitamin
Grape Seed Extract
Chromium GTF
Co Q-10
Vitamin D-3
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

I also take blood pressure medicine Lisinopril 40mg and there is no problems with my blood pressure for several years now.

Doctor is telling me my concerns are, becoming a diabetic and is talking about putting me on some drugs for this. I really would like to try some natural method before this happen.

I still need to have back surgery however. Still having pains in my left leg.

I've started drink ice tea to to help lower my consumption of sugar drinks and I did this 3 weeks before this test was taken. Looks like it went up about 5 pts. its usually around 102 glucose blood.

Base on my health issue, what can I do?



Dr. David :

Hello. Yes, I agree with your doctor that your blood tests indicate the possibility that you may be suffering from pre-diabetes or the early stages of diabetes type 2. There are several strategies that can be very helpful for treating pre-diabetes and I will list them all for you. It sounds like you may have already addressed the dietary and lifestyle issues commonly associated with pre-diabetes, and that is an excellent start. I will mention them for the sake of completeness though and because they are so important. As you may know, eliminating dietary sugars including processed sugars as well as natural sugars from items such as fruit and fruit juice is essential. Also being extremely careful to limit and perhaps eliminate most dietary carbohydrates is a great idea. There is nothing wrong with adding some healthy protein and fat to the diet, so please do not feel constrained to eliminate or reduce dietary protein and fat intake. A diet similar to the “Paleo Diet” or “Atkins Diet” is the most helpful for treating pre-diabetes and preventing the progression to diabetes. Here are some resources on healthful diet: lthy-Designed/dp/0470913029


Getting sufficient exercise is an excellent idea. The type of exercise that is most beneficial for improving blood sugar levels includes short bursts of intense exercise rather than long drawn-out exercise sessions. For example, there is a book called "PACE - the 12-minute fitness revolution" by Dr. Sears that recommends only about 12 minutes of exercise a few times per week. However, the exercise needs to be at a high enough intensity to make the heart beat faster and get the lungs working. Here is a link to the book, I highly recommend reading it:


Supplements that help with treating pre-diabetes include Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D, and a high-potency multivitamin that contains plenty of nutrients. Here are some examples of supplements that may be useful:!91/Blood+Sugar+Improvement+Formula++360+capsules


Lastly, there are some herbal extracts that can be extremely beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels including Berberine and MHCP from Cinnamon. Here are some examples:!23/Berberine+Advantage+120+capsules


Dr. David


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