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I've got plantar fasciitis in my right foot,have been on

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I've got plantar fasciitis in my right foot,have been on meloxicam since Dec.2012 so approx. 9 mo. now I've also bought inserts for my shoes and where a night brace. I have very small red dots on my ankle and some on the top of my foot towards my toes,I dont think this is caused from the meloxicam because I noticed it before I started that med. Dr gave me triamcinolone to help but doesnt seem to be helping,my foot is getting better but still hurts first thing in the morning.I also work on my feet all day and do alot of walking. What do you think these dots are caused from? Should I see a dermotolgist?


Associated itching,pain on such red dots?

Medical history of Hypertension,Diabetes?

Numbness,tingling sensation in lower leg?

Any visible swelling on ankle?

Duration of symptoms?

Are you taking any other medicines?

Thanks dear.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No itching or pain, I take atenoatol for high blood pressure and alprazolam to help me sleep no numbness or swelling no diabetes but does run in my familyand no tingling

Thanks for providing additional information.
I understand your concern and it's my pleasure to help you in every aspect.
As per your description,such red dots on ankle and foot can be caused due to potential differential diagnosis like Stasis dermatitis,Venous insufficiency,Allergy,platelet disorders or coagulation disorders,Vasculitis or inflammation of the small blood vessels.
Skin red rash can be associated with meloxicam so as you are taking from last few months so this possibility should be ruled out as well.
If your symptoms are not improving with Triamcinolone so you should again consult your doctor and further a referral to Dermatologist/Vascular specialist should be advised.
Prolonged hours of standing can be aggravating factor.
And it's advised to take rest while doing work.
Even elevate your legs.
Your blood pressure should be checked as well.
Hope this helps.
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