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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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Well im not doing too good doc, dont seem to be stabilizing

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hi doc well im not doing too good doc , dont seem to be stabilizing on this amt as im having to cut the meds and im prob missing the exact amt everytime. so one day i might be 2mg to high the next 2 mg too low, but i cant be too sure , i was out the wkend and prob overdid it a bit and maybe i delayed me feeling better i hope so as i dont know if i could tollerate the 350 yet and the 325 will prob be too low, ill keep plugging away at this dose for a bit longer and hope i get better on it , even though it didnt stabilize the last time i was cutting the meds , on it 10 days now so ill keep going for another few days or asw long as i can, hoping it was the late nights that may have distruped me doc
Hi Peter--tell me about how things were over the weekend
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well ithink i was a little better on fri then i dropped down for a few hours a felt depressed and got frustrated and then i came out of it and went to town and stayed out too long and only got a few hours sleep . i slept a good bit sat and went out sat night although i was still rough but did ok, yesterday i was fairly washed out and today all over the place , i know ill be ok just not sure what to do

basically the weekend wasn't entirely a wash?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no doc i guess not but i just not liking at all whats happened in the last few weeks , sometinmes i feel the drugged feeling other times i dont . but i have no consistancy like i did a month ago , if i go out for a bit now i dont last long and have to come home and rest , but then i may get down, and ive been pulling my hair out again with the anxiety from the destabilisati0n im experiencing i hope it comes good soon doc , fingers crossed

Tell me about the sleepers Peter
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well ok a few wks ago doc was down to 3 for a good few days now im struggling on 3 and a half my gp was very happy me getting down to 3 but with the chaos im going through now i cant go any lower at present

Stay the course for now Peter. I know it's very hard for you not to want to switch the dose when things aren't perfect but I don't look at the weekend as being all over the place and not getting to stabilization. You just have to bite the bullet and hang in there for now. Hope your sister had a good time in Orlando.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok doc will do and can i relax in thinking that the small amt that i dont get right in cutting the med will not work against me, so its just giving this more time, yes doc anna loved orlando they all did, she is just back yesterday she was in clear water down south of orlando for a few days too said it was great. talk soon doc , be welll my friend

You too my friend and a couple of mg here or there wouldn't make any difference
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