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I have been diagnosed with Muscle tension headache about two

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I have been diagnosed with Muscle tension headache about two years ago. Since then, I have had a few bad migrane episodes lots of pain in temple area mainly the right side and cluster tingles which have also made me get anxiety, because I begin to thing the worse. I have had stress in the past and I have recently stopped smoking 3 months now without smoking. For almost a month now I have been experiencing something that is scaring me a lot. It started off with my left nostril feeling itchy and irritating when I breathed in. I didn't think must about it so I ignored it. Then I began to get headaches, and pressure-like pain behind my nose. My eyes would get hot and pressure under my eyes and cheeks. And again the right temple painful. I was really scared and googled, and all I saw was brain tumor and sinus infection. I went to my doctor he told me sinus infection, gave me antibiotics and a nasal spray which I have been taking for almost a week (it will be a week on tuesday). Nothing has really gone away, and it scares me still. The other day I went to the ER because I began to feel strange sensations in my head and it did not feel right to me. They checked me, gave me IV and a few allergy medications and pain meds which made it go away. They checked my CT scan from mid 2011 and said it was normal. The following day I woke up feeling the same pain in right temple, but I also feel dizzy-like but not as if I am going to faint, more like light headed along with the right side temple pain. It also goes to my ears sometimes and gums. The hospital prescribed headache medicine also. I am really scared. I am only 32 and I don't know what's wrong with me. I just want this pain to go away.
Thank you for your question:

A sinus infection (which could easily explain your symptoms) typically takes 2-3 weeks of antibiotics to resolve. Sometimes several courses of antibiotics are required before the symptoms resolve.

You need to complete your antibiotics and follow up with your doctor. If your symptoms have not improve, you may need a CT scan of the sinuses and/or a referral to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist.
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