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Issue: worried that my Girlfriend is pregnant but i can't

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Issue : worried that my Girlfriend is pregnant but i can't tell her my worries.
History : we have been doing dry sex ( Fingering , clothes on when on top, no penetration, i make sure before fingering that my hands are dry , i never release sperms the whole month )
she had her period on july9/2013.
and wednesday july 31 she had spotting (she said i got my period )
and the next day she had few bleeding then it stopped !
she said it is normal to her ! she had like that before ! today there were no blood at all except a very fine pink line on her napkin can barely noticed by the eye.
her back pain and abdomin pain was mild compare to usual.
her breast is slightly tender on the sides and on the nipples area.
Further more : she doesn't feel dizzy of want to vomit or any other symptoms , everything is normal.
is it possible that she is pregnant ! i've read a lot in the websites and they just make me confused and worried !
Well if there is history of no penetration and only dry sex chances of pregnancy are less likely.
From what you describe she already had her period and is non pregnant.
I hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for replying.
From what i heard from other women, the signs mentioned above are signs of pregnancy and the bleeding that occurred is the implantation bleeding. and that's what got me confused. can you elaborate more?

appreciate it.

that is right these are signs of implantation bleeding and signs of pregnancy but for pregnancy to occur sperms must be released inside vagina.
There is no such history in your case.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer

What is the right thing to do now ?
she supposed to have her period after five days from now. Since she spotted just for two days then it stopped, how likely that her mens will continue these coming days?

She should undergo Urine pregnancy test 1 week after missed period with a morning urine sample for a precautionary measure if she 'll not get period after 5-7 days from now however chances of pregnancy are less.
Also she should take OTC Advil/Tylenol for pain in abdomen and back.
Warm compresses with a heating pad can be helpful.
Hormonal imbalance,Weight changes,Thyroid disorder,Stress,anxiety,PCOS can be other possible causes in her case to rule out.
A clinical exam by a gynecologist and Ultrasound should be advised as well.
Hope this helps.
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