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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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Dr chip sorry couldnt reply the page wouldnt let me. Ok we

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Dr chip sorry couldnt reply the page wouldnt let me. Ok we have been driving for nine hours and only three stops, my husband. Is adamant even though it makes me scared. Ok u know those stockins they go up to ur knees well they roll down and u know u have redness when u wear socks thtas what i have. also tell what u think will i get a clot i am drinking my second bottle 8oz. We only stop for five minutes
Redness where exactly? Do you get out and stretch your legs and walk a little when you do stop?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i do walk a little,u know where the kne is and behind exactly where the sock rolled . i also move my toes in a car

Then no problem at all. The redness will fade and it doesn't put you at any risk for a clot. Basically you've done well and there's no chance that you'll get a clot
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am being honest i am freaking out because if it was up to me i would stop every hour , and walk fornlike ten minutes but it worries me that we only did three stops for five minutes in almost ten hours i also am strughling to drink because i constantly wants to pee. not only its torture to drive that long but me thinking about clot is horrible. i am pretty sure not alot of people buy those ugly sucks i did and still worried

Here's a point for you--you sleep for hours in bed while not moving your legs much and certainly without ever getting up and walking and yet so far you've never developed a clot
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

doc hellonwell we sleptbin savannah yesterday and drove about four hours today we r in orlando. i did drank a little had my socks movedbut fear now is what if i have a clot and it will kill me in here somwhere. please somehow calm me down. we have this huge tub in here and i want to take a bath but i am thinking if i ho in a warm water the clot will move and kill me

You've finished the trip and are fine so why do you think you now have a clot?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

because i just cant get the scary stuff out. also please in two word sort of say calm me down, and teach me how to logicaly think i dont have a clot or what to look for . and how often does this happen and to who

OK. You have absolutely no risk factors for a DVT and for a DVT to occur in someone with no risk factors is basically something that just doesn't happen. You made the trip and did what I suggested. You have never had a DVT in all the times you worried you did. You're on vacation and you need to have fun with your family and stop this constant worrying. Use the tub, have some good food, enjoy the Orlando attractions and just take life easy. Let's close this page with a rating and get back to me in another day or two to let me know how you're doing
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