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Onlinedoc, General Physician
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I recently was diagnosed with a pretty severe gluten

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I recently was diagnosed with a pretty severe gluten intolerance, although not celiac disease. I have suffered with edema (swollen feet and ankles) and water retention. I retain anywhere from 10-15 pounds of water. My doctor also suspected I have leaky gut syndrome brought on by my gluten intolerance. How can I elevate these symptoms and help heal the leaky gut? I have already removed gluten from my diet.
As such water retention can be due to various causes like
Physical inactivity
Medications like oral contraceptive,NSAIDs etc
Sodium rich foods may cause water retention.
Thyroid disorders
Following measures can be helpful
Cut down salt consumption.
If are overweight, to lose weight.
Do regular exercise.
Raise the legs several times per day to improve circulation.
Also i would suggest you to consult your doctor and undergo a thyroid function test,Anti TTG IgA,serum electrolytes as well.
Also regarding leaky gut i would suggest that you should try probiotics,
Take multi vitamin supplements to prevent the nutritional deficiency associated with gluten intolerance.
Lacto bacillus based supplements can be considered to maintain normal flora of the intestines.
Maintain your body hydration levels.
I hope this helps
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