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I think I just had a mild case of Testicular torsion in my

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I think I just had a mild case of Testicular torsion in my right testical yesterday. I had much pain, couldnt find a comfortable position, and couldnt sleep for 1 second. The right testical was also hanging lower than usual. I had to goto the E.R. They were unsure what this was, but suspected both torsion and infection cus I also had fever at 38,3 C. Just before ultra sound inspection I tried to twist the testicle back, and it seemed to work as the pain slowly decreased. At ultrasond just after they didnt find anything unusual. I spend the night at the hospital with painkillers and antibiotics since they were unsure what the cause of pain was. When I woke up at the hospital today the pain was gone. The doctor examined my testicles and concluded that surgery was not needed.
I left the hospital, but the right testicle still hangs very much lower than usual. I feel slight numbness or ache. Its not very painfull, but the new positioning of the testicle concerns me. It hangs all the way below the left testicle. It feels like the spermatic cord has been stretched or something. The testicle wont go back up to its original position. Not even when cold.
Is this fixable? Should I ask for surgery?
Best regards
Hi--did you ever have anything like this before?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your fast response!

I think I have had a torsion before, but I turnd it back myself. This was 5-6 years ago. And the same testicle.

The testicle has never been hanging this low, though.

OK It sounds like you've developed a problem with the suspensory ligament of that testicle--it's been stretched and the testicle is somewhat floating more freely in the scrotum than normal. This predisposes you to a real torsion which would put you in danger of losing that testicle. You need to see a urologist and if that's the problem, a simple operation to tack the testicle to the lower scrotum will take care of this.
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