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I having lower right abdominal pain , quick sharp pains and

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I having lower right abdominal pain , quick sharp pains and dull constant pain.when im walking it seems to go away. if I walk up hill it flares up. also when I drive it flares up when I use mt right leg to put the brakes on. also when I raise my leg up towards my chest It feels like a clump inside me in that area . as long as I lay around it dosent bother me. as soon as I start moving around walking up hill are using the right leg to press it flares up. tight pants is out of the question. I can only wear loose stretch type clothes. what do you think the cause of this is ? I have already had my appendix removed
Well, it appears that the pain is very specific to you using a certain muscle group- the psoas.
This is responsible for lifting the leg and pain or spasm can cause pain referred to the right lower quadrant. The psoas usually causes hip pain, but the muscle group is situated right near where the appendix is as well (or where yours use to be). You can get inflammation of this muscle.

You can see the diagram here:

Exercises which are geared towards relief are here:

You can take motrin for pain and apply warm compresses.
If you do not notice an improvement after a week or so, you will need to see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.

Hang in there

I hope that this was helpful ;-)
Please positive feedback if it was..
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

would this also cause soreness after bowel movements ? in the same area.

It could if you are if you are straining. But if you are having pain after BM it suggests that you may be constipated or have some inflammation. If the pain becomes more constant or if you have fever, I would see a doctor right away.
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