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I accidentally took a second dose of sertraline Thursday

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I accidentally took a second dose of sertraline Thursday evening. I am prescribed 75mg/day. I couldn't remember if I took my pills before bed, so I took another 75 mg. I woke up feeling drunk on Friday. I skipped my dose Friday night. I have felt "off" for the past two days: like I can't think straight, I don't feel OK to drive, I am super tired. I don't drink but I liken this feeling to being drunk or hungover. When will this go away? I took my usual dose last night of 75mg, but I still don't feel right today.
Hi--how long have you been on the sertraline and have you ever had these symptoms before?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been on sertraline for six years, minus the months I was pregnant. I have had symptoms similar to this if I have forgotten to take my nightly dose - but the symptoms were to a lesser degree and they went away as soon as I took the next day's dose.

OK. I really don't think, then, this is related to just one extra pill. If, by chance, it were, then I would only expect the symptoms to last, at most, one or maybe two days. I suggest you call your doctor and have him take a look at you since if this isn't from the sertraline it could be something else like a low blood sugar problem or even a transient ischemic attack--a threatened stroke.
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