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For many years, some endurance athletes have practiced

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For many years, some endurance athletes have practiced various “blood-doping” techniques in order to increase their hematocrit and, consequently, the ability of their blood to carry oxygen. (Even though this is a highly illegal practice and very dangerous). One of the newer methods (still highly illegal) is to use a blood substitute known as RSR-13. This substance has an effect on hemoglobin that can be likened to the effect of 2-3 BPG. Based on this evidence, how do you suppose this substance would assist in oxygen delivery to exercising tissues?
RSR-13 is a synthetic allosteric modifier of hemoglobin (Hb). It works to increase the release of oxygen from Hb, thereby increasing oxygen availability to hypoxic tissues. Effectively it turbo-charges the RELEASE of oxygen into the tissues, making it available for physiological processes. It was found to be helpful in situations of 1. inadequate blood flow; 2. insufficient oxygen carrying capacity (like anemia); 3. increased oxygen demand unmatched by supply (like exercising); 4. insufficient loading and unloading in hypothermia.

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