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I am going to be filing for SSI soon and I trying to see

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I am going to be filing for SSI soon and I trying to see what type of doctor I need to see before I file my report. I have been suffering with my ankle like this for a while When it gets hot outside it affects my ability to walk. And I limp when I walk I have no health insurance at all. Thank You~
Thank you for your question,
I’m Dr. Saha and I’ll try to help you.
When did you develop this symptom?
Do you have any swelling?
Did you have any trauma?
Did you consult doctor or have any test for this issue before?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Last year. I don't have any swelling. It would be if anything I My foot turns inwardly a as sun dial wich gives the impression im drinker. I cannot be out in the sun for a long time. I had gotten spun around at a party and I did not here any popping noise. No doctor visit yet when it does give me problems I soak it in Epsome Salt and Vinegar. No never this ever. want to run and play with sons and cant. Thank You

Thank you for the information.
You need an examination by doctor in person.
You need to consult an orthopedic specialist.
You may need X ray/ MRI scan.
Till you have insurance, you can visit a free clinic or a walk in clinic.
If one does not have insurance, one can visit one of the centers run by the Health Resources and Services Administration.
They provide affordable quality healthcare to people without insurance.
You can find a health center near you by clicking the link below
You can take antiinflammatory analgesics like Motrin or Naproxen,if you feel too much pain.
I hope this information helps.
I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification.
Please feel free for any follow up query.
Best wishes.
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