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I have fluctuating liver enzymes for 5 years and recently

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I have fluctuating liver enzymes for 5 years and recently they can back elevated again, I have had random vomiting (doctor thought it was gastroparesis but it was not) pain in my upper stomach (gallbladder tested it was fine) very tired, diarrhea that I can not control (only when they are elevated) get very dizzy and sweat at random (only when they are elevated) Can anyone tell me if I need to start pursuing this further with my doctor as to why these symptoms persist with no diagnosis? can it by liver chirrosis?
Can you provide the current reports of liver enzymes?
History of alcohol and smoking intake?
Are you taking any medicines like painkillers, etc?
Have you seen a gastroenterologist so far?
Bloating and flatulence?
Have you undergone Ultrasound/CT scan whole abdomen recently?
Any other medical illness?
Thanks dear.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do not know the numbers that they were elevated at just that they are out of normal range and to not take tylenol when this happens. I do not drink alcohol but I did start smoking about 3 years ago which they said could be the reason my hemoglobulin was elevated as well. Yes I have flatulence and have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks because I have lost my apatite. I have an ultra sound done of my abdomen and CT last year because they thought my gallbladder may be to blame but it came back fine they did think mild gastroparsis but I was never diagnosised with it

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i smoke 7 cigarettes a day, no alcohol, i have seen a gastro doc they r the ones that thought it could possibly gastroparesis. I take lamictal xr, abilify, atrevostatin (just started a year ago)


Thanks for providing additional information.

I understand your discomfort and still no diagnosis.

As per your description,If the liver enzymes were only mildly elevated, with normal ultrasound, I'd just recheck the levels in, say three months.

Different liver disorders raise the enzymes in different ways, so, potential differential diagnosis may include
Viral hepatitis

Autoimmune hepatitis
Exposure to high dose Vitamin A, industrial solvents, and volatile hydrocarbons could cause ALT/AST lelevations as well.

You should be tested for hemochromatosis (iron storage disease), and Wilson's disease (copper deposition disease).
Celiac disease (gluten sensitivity) may also causes elevated liver enzymes.

So further Hepatitis screening,Upper GI scopy,Liver biopsy should be done in your case.

In the meantime start probiotic and metamucil.

Also take OTC Prilosec and Mylanta.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Limit your smoking consumption.

Frequent diarrhea can result in fluid and electrolyte loss resulting in dizziness,sweating.

So your blood pressure and blood sugar levels should be checked.

Also take oral rehydration solution.

Make an appointment with your Hepatologist/Gastroenterologist again for proper management.

Hope this helps.
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