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I had a very period a few months ago, it was about three 1/2

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Hi my name Abby. I had a very long period a few months ago, it was about three 1/2 weeks long and now I've gone two months with out one... Is this normal? I recently started back weight lifting. I've been cramping and retaining water for about a week now... REALLY BAD H2O retention ... I drink about 3 gallons of water a day. No period yet.
Hi Abby. Did you ever have a problem with your periods before? Did the doctor do any tests and why do you drink so much water on a daily basis? Any other medical conditions or medications?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I've had late periods before and had surgery and a hysteroscopy due to endometriosis last year in June. I exercise a lot. I do powerlifting and cardio 5 days a week and am preparing for a physique (body building bikini class) show in October. I haves severe hemipallegic migraines. That's about it though. I take bcomplex fish oil and one a day multi every day. No medications. I don't eat wheat and try to solve most of my ongoing issues naturally. The nurse practitioner at the health department ran an std screening and a culture also gave me a pelvic exam. Nothing came up and they sent me on my way. I bled a week after that then it stopped around June 12th.
OK--what did you mean by really bad water retention? And have you had your thyroid functions tested recently?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Tenderness in my breasts, VERY swollen and painful. my face gets very puffy and I feel very bloated upon waking. No I haven't. My ob gyn wanted me to but then my father dropped me from his insurance plan so it was never carried out. She said it wasn't urgent, she just wanted to check and being a college student I don't have the money to afford blood work with out insurance unfortunately. Which is why I visited the health department last months opposed to an ob gyn.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
But if that's what could be causing this I would go get it checked out.
OK and we can continue after this if you'd like. My first thought to cover all this is that you're low thyroid and I would certainly check that and, if that's the case, the sooner you're put on thyroid supplementation, the better. If we just consider the period problem, that could be from your intense exercise program, anemia, the endometriosis, or perhaps polycystic ovarian syndrome.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
As a family practitioner do you have any advice as to how to get that done on a college budget?
Well, an urgent care doctor could run the test and give you the thyroid medication and that total would probably run around $200 or maybe a little less for the whole nine yards. The health department could also do that. I really don't know any other options for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks you've been very helpful :)
My pleasure but please let me know how it goes for you