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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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How are you, well doc over all ive seen a better difference

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hi doc how are you, well doc over all ive seen a better difference on this amt , i over did it about the two wk mark and had a bad 4 days but pulled out of it then , my sister got marred and had a great wkend and tolerated it ok, bit rough yesterday and today after, also down to prob 2 and half sleepers now so ive knocked one off with increase but i feel that i can increase again as i think ill still need one more and that will do the trick on 325 4 wks tomo when do you think i should go up doc
Hi Peter--you caught me just as I was walking out the door. I'll get back to you in about two hours. Sorry about that
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok doc no worries, just feel like one more increase will do a lot for me as i still need the sleepers and really need to get back to work, while im delighted im at the stage where the meds will pull me back from over doing it in 4 days i think the increase would pull it back in a far shorter time, the higher amts are def improving me

Back Peter. Tell me more about your weekend
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well doc 2 wk mark got a boost and went out sat and sun day and had great time but my monday i was struggling and had to drive to airport, tuesday , weds thurs wiped out bad mood , irritable , and unstable thank god for my sisters wedding i got up and going good really enjoyed it but sat morning taking my meds was like going through chemo id say awful but after i took them slept for another 5 hours and was okish when waking up, then met everyione and played guitar for 50 people for 2 hours then went to bed , was ok ish sunday but poor yesterday and worse today, but think that the increase even though it will be not nice for 3 weeks will hopefully be enough to get me up to working standard and if i over do it with rest i hope to recover a fair bit quicker, i know on this amt i will come ok again in a day or two but it still only bringing back to 40 percent or so and i need double that really to function properly and without sleepers , what you think doc

Peter, right now you're still wishing for that perfect point where every day is great?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no doc just listening to my gut using my past experience and knowlage , rationlizing that even if i give this amt another 3 wks i not so sure that it will be enough to get me off sleepers and back to work within 2 months, gp said that improvement will be gradual and with my experience of last time at 6 wks i was no where near this good, everone is noticing that im doing more out and about more, and from past experience my gut tells me as well as my body and mind that ill need a good bit more to be able to work and recuperated with a day off to go back the alternate day, dont want to do one day and take 4-5 days to recover, maybe one day and then over 8-12 wks on that dose getting gradually better and stronger,

OK Peter. I totally understand and I also understand the goal you have for getting back to work. That said, I think you really shouldn't rock the boat just let with another increase. I know it's hard and I know how hard your fighting it, but don't let the dream of everything being even and perfect in two months sway your judgement right now. Give it at least another two weeks before you consider the increase my friend--I think you'll still see improvement by then. By the way--unless this is politically or nationally wrong to say to you, congratulations on the birth of a potential heir the the UK throne
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok doc thats fine ill give it the 6 wks as best i can , im sure you are encouraged by my progress doc , its hard but i see the light more often now and am starting to see that i will be better sooner or later and thats great. oh well , ireland is seperate to the united kingdom or great britian, well southern ireland is, we won our freedom from them after 800 yrs of fighting off british rule, soon after the 1916 easter rising , our great commander of the irish army won 26 of our 32 countys back from british rule and in doing so signed his own death warrent , and indeed was shot in the head a week later by his own people who wanted nothing only a united ireland , hence now we have the republic of ireland and northen ireland , norhtern ireland along with scotland and wales are still under british rule and are refered to combindly as the uk or great britan, so while we are pleased and happy at the birth , and for britan we are not affected by it , other than media attention on tv, ,like the states i suppose,the royal family are only really to do with england , northen ireland , scotland and wales, chat soon doc , thanks again peter

Keep in touch Peter and Erin go bragh
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