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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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Does increasing efforts in gym equals more weight loss per

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does increasing efforts in gym equals more weight loss per week?
i planning a new weight loss program and i have got all informations i need for a safely weight loss journey.
im also a gym lover....i plan to stay in the gym for 2 hrs daily for 6 days per week and might take another 45 mins walk at the evening .
im 5'6 312 lbs and 29 old male. and was hoping with this approach it might help me also lose weight faster.
my questions are:
1- is there a healthy risk with that? specially if my body can handle it?
2- will the weight comes down faster? im going to use cardio only exercises (treadmill - elliptical - bike - stairmaster)
P.S : i dont care for excessive skin
thx for ur time
Thank you for your question,
I’m Dr. Saha and I’ll try to help you.
How is your daily exercise now?
Did you start doing exercise?
How is your diet?
Do you have trainer or doctor?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

everything fine just need answer for question thank u

Thank you Saad, for the information,
I would suggest to consult your doctor first to rule out any cause which can increase the weight.
Common medical cause of weight gain is the thyroid disorder.
He can also evaluate the condition of the heart, lungs.
As your BMI is very high about 50 (normal less than 25), you need more careful supervision by doctor.
For taking an exercise program you need to slowly increase the duration & intensity.
You need to go slowly & maintain it.
If you tolerate then you can increase the effort gradually.
Usually it is started with 30 min. a day.
If with diet control & this level of exercise, you are still gaining weight or not losing it, then you can increase to 60 min & gradually more.
Usually not more than 90 min a day is required.
Fast walking is good.
You can keep it along with exercise.
But along with exercise you need to maintain the diet control to maintain healthy weight.
You need to take evaluation by doctor to see whether you can increase the level of exercise at every step.
You can also take the advice of a dietitian regarding diet.
Take more of fruits, vegetables, water.
I hope this information helps.
I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification.
Please feel free for any follow up query.
Best wishes.
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