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I found a small hard red bump on the bottom right of my

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i found a small hard red bump on the bottom right of my vagina (outside) i noticed it 2 or 3 days ago. it has not changed much, gone down a little today but i put antibacterial cream on it the last 2 days and have been messing with it a bit. i pluck two small hairs that were either on it or close by - hard to tell. after that i squeezed it a bit and just a very very very little white fluid came. i can't see a hair below the skin, or any fluid, or a head on the spot. (but it's in a very hard place for me to see)
also, i had muscle ache in my legs 3 or 4 days ago. but i am in the process of moving and i don't know if that is from carrying boxes, packing, and what not over the last few days.
also, i've had a rash in between the crease of my upper leg. the rash looks to match on both sides (half circle on both sides)- so i think this is just some sort of unrelated rash from heat and friction or possibly got some sort of jock itch type thing? i was in India for work for 2 weeks, it was very hot and what not.
i've made myself quite worried over this and can't seem to bare the thought it might be herpes. not to my knowledge have i had symptoms before. it's been about 5 years ago since I've had any sexual interaction. i got really scared from a guy i had been dating, we went to Europe and it was on this trip the first time we had any type of sexual intercourse. we had sex 5 or 6 times at the most and one time he gave me oral sex. i noticed that he had a cream lomaherpan or something like that and then seem to have a cold sore later. i got really scared on the trip and even more so after i found out he was married and was very promiscuous. i was really naive and stupid had no clue, once i did i never saw again and basically, this has scared me since so i have avoid having any type of sexual intercourse or relationship. i got tested for everything except the blood test for herpes and I was negative. the doctors told me only to get tested if i have symptoms or sores, so i didn't.
this is the first thing i've seen since and i'm not sure if it is a mild symptom of herpes, if the rash in the crease of my leg is related (think i've had that longer than the bump but didn't pay it much attention as it was mild and didn't bother me until i saw the bump - now i've been putting the antiseptic cream on it and it seems to be disappering) and if the muscle soreness was just related to my move or a symptom of an outbreak. i'm pretty sure it is just one bump and no blisters, i can't see any when i look and i don't have any pain, itchy, or anything like that associated to the bump. just turns a bit red when i mess with, also i can only really feel it when i stretch my leg or stand up.
i also think i've feeling a bit fatigued but i don't if this is just from the worry and stress of possibly having herpes.
Hi--I understand your concern here. This is just a single bump with no redness around it? It didn't look like a blister but perhaps more like a pimple?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes it seems to just be the one bump. it's hard to see unless i stretch the skin around it. i can more feel it than see it. it seems to be have a bit of waxy redness. there are some other small bumps around it but i think those are just the hair follicles, as i shaved to see the bump better.

OK--this sounds like just a case of folliculitis--hair shaft infection. Herpes in general involves several small clear blisters with a surrounding reddish/purplish skin. The rash on your thighs sounds like yeast or tinea corporis and not related and not an STD. For the rash you can try Lamisil cream and continue the antibiotic cream for the folliculitis. As I said, I don't think this is anything to worry about but, since I can't examine you I have to suggest that you have a doctor take a look at these areas
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

okay, thanks. should i do anything for the folliculitis or will it just fix itself over time?

Usually with such a small area involved it does resolve in time. Just don't squeeze or pick at it.
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