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Most accurate ways to weigh in weekly? im 29 old male 5"6

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most accurate ways to weigh in weekly?
im 29 old male 5"6 tall and 312 lbs and wish to know which is the most accurate way to calculate my weekly weight loss? because i always start weight loss programs and from first week i feel alot of good feeling that i lost alot but when i jump on scale it shows nothing...really makes me angry and then i quit :(
Hi--first off are you saying that when you go on a weight losing diet you don't really lose any weight?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello doc and thx for ur time

everything is ok with diet and exercise and all that stuff...wat im looking for is "which exactly the most accurate weight loss calculation"

i only use the scale now....but i heard scale doesnt tell the whole story

Well, for one thing, if you exercise and start building any muscle mass, since muscle is denser than fat you can actually either not lose weight or maybe even gain a little and the real proof of the pudding is in whether you lose any inches, say, around your waistline. A good way to check for that is to calculate your body mass index--the BMI--and you can do that by hand or purchase a special scale that does it for you. Also, a healthy weight loss is no more than 4 pounds per month. Here's a link to calculating your BMI
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what about the body fat percentage?

im thinking of making my weigh in using "tapes" and calculating my waist - thigh - etc..

but the question is that more accurate than scale?

The BMI takes into account the percent of your weight that is fat and it is more accurate than the scale in terms of showing whether you're headed in the right direction. As your BMI drops it means that you're losing fat and gaining muscle. Measuring your waist and arm and leg size is another way of looking at this, but the BMI is more accurate
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