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Macy RN
Category: Health
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Experience:  RN of 19 years.Experienced in ER, Critical Care, Surgery, Nutrition, Peds,OB/Gyn and Hospice.
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As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD now in my professional

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As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD now in my professional career I find myself very easily distracted I discontinued use of my medication at 16 because I felt that the doctor had lied to me. would you advice getting back on medication.

Macy RN : Hello,Welcome to Just Answer. It is my pleasure to help you today!


Macy RN : Hello. Tell me what is going on.?

In my professional career I find it very difficult to concentrate on one task at a time.

Macy RN : Do you have a demanding job?

very much so

Macy RN : Well how many hours a sleep do you get a night?

8 at the least

Macy RN : thats good. Do you have any other symptoms like starting a lot of things and not finishing? Interrupting people that are talking?
Macy RN : Always running late?

yes I always take on more then I can chew. Very few are ever finished. Yes to interrupting people as well

Macy RN : Sometimes that is caused by ADHD. I know you said you were diagnosed as a child. Who diagnosed you?

My doctor at the time that was in 1st grade.

Macy RN : idid the medicine help you then or do you remember?

my grades went from failing to a+. I was no longer a problem child. once I went off the medicine in my highschool career my grades plummeted.

Macy RN : There are some alternative things you can try such as decreasing your intake of sugar, Fish oil supplements, ADHD relief supplements from the natural food store. lecithin can also help. Since you benefitted so tremendously from the meds it seems reasonable to go that route again.

I have tried all the natural things. could you or someone on here write a prescription?

Macy RN : There are a lot of new meds that are easier to take. I know you don't want to be on meds again but if it helps you feel better that would be good. I am sorry we are not able to provide prescriptions from this site. The meds have to be prescribed each month and you have to be monitored. You can go to a regular doctor for this. You don't have to see a Psychiatrist.

thank you so much for your help.

Macy RN : You are welcome. Come back anytime! Keep me updated on how you are doing.
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Thanks so much for the bonus! You just made my day!!
Just wanted to see if you were able to reach your Doctor? How did it go?