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Dr Basu
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Hello, Over the course of the last year, my lunulas (the

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Over the course of the last year, my lunulas (the half-moon-shaped white regions at the bottom of fingernails and thumbnails) have disappeared. It began with the fingernails. At the moment, the thumbnail lunulas are disappearing, too. It seems that most of the thumbnail lunulas are now "hiding" under a thin growth of skin. My fingernail lunulas are completely gone, however.

Could this change indicate an underlying condition or systemic disease? Should I be worried?

I researched yellow nail syndrome, but my nails do not have any yellowing and still have a shiny appearance. The only other change in my nails is that there are thin, vertical ridges on some of them, and the division between the dead end part of the nail and the living part has become uneven on some of them.

Thank you.

mysticdoc :

The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

mysticdoc :

Hi there,

I am Mysticdoc, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.

I am here to help you with your concerns.

Customer: Hello.
mysticdoc :

Hi there

Customer: Sorry, I was away from the computer.
mysticdoc :

Do you notice any coarseness of the nails?

Customer: Not really. Just the vertical ridges, I mentioned.
Customer: There is some light pitting on the right thumbnail.
mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

do you have habit of nail picking?

Customer: What is that, exactly?
mysticdoc :

like nail biting or pulling nail with your finger?

Customer: I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, and so I often scratch my head, and subsequently I need to clean out my nails from loose skin, flakes, etc.
mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

that is the common cause of damage to the nail matrix.

Customer: i often do this by using the nails to pick under each other.
mysticdoc :

This can cause uneven keratinization of the nail plate.

mysticdoc :

Without any yellowing of the nail, this is not yellow nail syndrome.

Customer: I see. And this can cause the lunulas to vanish?
mysticdoc :

yes it can

mysticdoc :

And also vertical ridges are not concerning.

mysticdoc :

Sometimes, lack of adequate protein in the diet or malnutrition also can cause lunula to vanish.

mysticdoc :

But that is not applicable if you are otherwise healthy.

Customer: Okay, I have IBS issues, but malnutrition is unlikely, as I supplement carefully.
Customer: So In your opinion, this physical damage to the nail matrix is a more likely cause than an underlying condition?
mysticdoc :

ok then that is not a problem.

mysticdoc :

You can also take zinc and biotin supplements for nail health.

Customer: I take both. Is it possible to suffer nail damage like this even while supplementing!
Customer: ?, sorry
mysticdoc :

yes it is still possible.

mysticdoc :

Supplements do not protect your nails from manual damage.

Customer: Okay. Thank you for the reassurance. I appreciate your time.
mysticdoc :

very welcome

mysticdoc :

Best wishes,

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