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I had a physical recently. Blood panel showing Chloride 95

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I had a physical recently. Blood panel showing Chloride 95 (97-108). Value inside the braces is lab standard. Is there anything to worry here. My Sodium is also at the lower end 134 (134-144). Other values in upper range are Urine PH 7.5 (5-7.5) , triglyceride 300 , LDL 140 and HDL 52 (Total 252). I would highly appreciate your help
Hi--any medical conditions or medications you take? Has your sodium been on the lower end of normal before?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have allergy. I take chloraphenarmine every day. I took Nyquil before start fasting. Another thing, my diet doesn't have much sodium usually. a year ago physical shows sodium was 139 but the lab standard was 135-146. I didn't take much water as well while fasting.

OK. First off the chloride level being just under the low normal doesn't signify anything at all. The sodium is a little low but that really isn't anything concerning either. Both could be just because of the fasting and nothing more and as a doctor I might recheck the levels in two months but that's about all.
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