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Woke up with a migraine. Have low-level ones daily and I'm

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Woke up with a migraine. Have low-level ones daily and I'm on my cycle so this was not surprising to me. Went to work. By the time I arrived at work the migraine and my general health was a lot worse. I was able to stick it out for 3 hours before I asked to go home. My main question is about food. I tried to eat as I knew if I took my meds it would probably improve. But each time I tried to eat it was like my stomach folds in on itself, cramps and I get nauseous. I was dehydrated this morning too. There were a lot of factors and symptoms, you tell me what you want to know and I'll do my best. I'm in bed now but still have a milder migraine.
Hi--are you saying that what's going on is different from any migraine you've had before?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
this one was/is a little different. This one,towards the 3 hour mark when I decided to go home, started making me feel dizzy, cold chills (it's 100 outside), faint, my face was very pale, the more I moved around, the worse it was. Now that I think about it, these are all consistent with dehydration, not necessarily a migraine. I've consumed 2 quarts of liquid since this morning. I've also taken my normal migraine pill dosage. It helped but the migraine is still there. As long as I'm lying down still, I feel pretty good; but when I get up and move the migraine comes roaring back and so does some of those other symptoms. Is this because of the lack of food all day?
you haven't eaten all day?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I've had some snack mix and a small bag of cookies but as I stated before, it makes my stomach hurt when I eat. Also nauseous.
I'm sorry for all the questions but what exactly do you mean by your stomach hurting?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No problem with the questions. I had a lot of things going on here, I expected it. Imagine you are the Hulk and you are squeezing an aluminum can with your hand. That's what my stomach feels like when I eat, then that feeling makes me nauseous, then it passes and I move on. I'm just curious if its because of the lack of food or something more serious.
Is this the first time you've had the stomach problem? This is somewhat like a cramp?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have bowel issues, no cramps this time and what's also odd is that my period is next to non-existent. My norm is day 1 spot, day 2 flow so heavy I have to change every half hour, day 3, normal flow, day 4 spot to gone. Today is day 2 and I'm still spotting. Maybe that's due to the dehydration too. I would have to say that I have had these stomach pains before but it has been due to upset stomach. Maybe I'm mistaking these for hunger pains? In the last hour or so my stomach is hurting constantly, like an annoying ache.
OK. You might just have a stomach virus--a mild case of gastroenteritis and nothing more than that. Hunger pains is a nebulous term and not a medical term at all. Of course, with little or no food, excess stomach acid could cause something like the symptoms you have. I would suggest that you have something more substantial to eat tonight than what you've had so far and continue with the fluids. It could well be that all this will pass in the next day or two.
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