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Dr. Anil
Dr. Anil, Doctor (MD)
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Experiencing a feeling in both forearms (but more on right

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Experiencing a feeling in both forearms (but more on right side) of the muscles on the top of my arms always being very tight, some associated heaviness/weakness, spasms sometimes upon awakening which have made my arm move a little and also twitching in shoulder blade area. has been going on for about two months.
Trampoline accident about 15 years ago which hurt my neck and caused a blowout fracture of my eye. Wondering if this could be related to a a pinched nerve in my neck? changing position does not affect it in anyway.
Pain,numbness,tingling sensation in arms?
Swelling on affected area?
What is your occupation?
Have you seen a doctor so far?
Neck stiffness?
Any investigations?
Any other medical history?
Are you taking any medications?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Only slight discomfort when trying to use arm and it feels tight.

Leaing forward from the waist when sitting I almost always have tingling in thumb, index and middle finger and top of right arm.

Rare blanching , numbness/tingling at the end of a few fingers, but I do have Raynaud's and think that is the cause of that.

No swelling at all.

Working only at home at present. Computer, and some packing and lifting.

Neck is tight and sore, but not extreme.

Only other medical history is coronary artery disease (significant family history), slight arthritis in a few fingers.

Currently take:

Aspirin 81 mg. day


CosaminGlucosamin Chondroitin

Ubiquinol 100 mg. day

Turmeric 900 mg. day

Omega 3 oil (Nordic Naturals) 1 gm. day

LIvalo (statin) 2 mg. day


Thanks for providing more information.

Sorry for late reply and inconvenience.

As you describe your symptoms are suggestive of Cervical spondylosis (any condition that puts pressure on the nerves where they leave the spinal column which after passing from neck radiate to arms and fingers.) can result in radiating numbness,pain, tingling sensation in arms, hands and fingers.

As you have arthritis,so it may be possible that you may have degenerative arthritic changes in neck resulting in pressure on nerves.

So you should undergo an MRI/X-Ray examination of the cervical spine ( AP and lateral views) and a clinical examination by either Orthopedist or Neurologist for further evaluation and management.

Further Nerve conduction velocity (NCV)followed by electromyography (EMG) can be advised as well.
These tests are usually advised by a neurologist after undergoing a clinical examination(reflex monitoring ,muscle strength , power ,tone).
Take proper rest and also go for physical therapy for pain management.
Take short breaks of rest while doing work on computer.
Do gentle massage with muscle relaxant ointment and apply warm compresses on neck .
Also take OTC Motrin.


I hope this helps.
If you have any further query then feel free to ask.
Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you so much. My brother was just diagnosed with this issue in his lumbar region and had surgery right away. Normal 12mm opening was down to 3mm and he had rapidly developed unbearable pain. I will follow up with an orthopedic physician. Again many thanks for clear advice.


You are most welcome.

Good luck.

Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.


Whenever you have health related problems then you can ask me in future.

It's my privilege to help you in every aspect.

Thanks dear.

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