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Pre employment medical, had to pee in a cup for a drug test

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pre employment medical, had to pee in a cup for a drug test with someone in the room watching, I tried all day and couldn't pee in the thought someone was in the room, I have nothing to hide and am not a drug user but I was treated very embarrassing like, I offered that I would do anything else like take a blood test or something, they said no, I feel its unfair I cant get the job because there is something wrong with me, is there a clinical explanation for my behaviour and if so can I push for a blood test or some other test
Hi--I suppose you tried having water running and sitting down?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yeah, I drank heaps water, I stayed there all day until it was time for them to finish work, after I left and got home I went had a big pee, im so embarrassed and disappointed, im really chasing a answer as in can I request them instead for a blood test or a swab test of some sort, surely there is other ways to test people as I have nothing to hide, on the legal side of things ive been told there is no real laws they are breaching because I cant pee, if there is something wrong with me that can be put into a medical term, can it be fixed so I don't have this problem and or can it be named so I can explain myself to them, its embarrassing for me to confront this subject but if I can find some sort of answer because its serious enough that my job opportunities are being affected

I understand. They refused the blood test option? If so, are they going to give you a second chance to pee?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have offered to do a blood test or any other test at my own expense, I was offered to have another go at peeing today but because it costs them a lot of money to do a medical in the end they said no don't worry about going in, we aren't paying again if you cant go, I realise I may not be being given normal common courtesy as I can see on there side of things it may look like a drug user trying to get out of a test, I can see there side of things but I wish for them to see my side of things, its embarrassing enough that I don't think I will pursue it other than to write a formal letter saying im sorry, I don't know why, I say again and in writing if there is another way to test I will undertake those steps at my own cost if necessary, I just thought there may be a clinical explanation to help them understand so I can get the job, it doesn't help one bit having to deal with a attractive female who is the hiring lady and having to go through all day the embarrassment with the female nurses at the doctor place, we even tried getting a male nurse in but by that time I was so uptight and embarrassed having everyone knowing something was up with me I tried but couldn't, oh well thanks for your time

Sorry--didn't understand that first part. Don't worry about going in?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well at first she said are you going in to try again, I said yes il have another go if you want me to but I cant promise anything, she said no don't worry about it then, it costs money

OK--so it's mostly the fact that a woman actually has to watch you pee--she can't even turn her back on you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no, they give me a curtain and we tried getting a male nurse as well, it was the thought of it really that freaked me out

OK--this isn't a medical problem, just a situational anxiety problem. Happens a lot, say, at the movies or a ball game where you have to go like crazy but just can't with all the guys standing behind you waiting their turn. I'd say try again and sit down and maybe take an ipod with you to be able to listen to music. Also take deep, slow breaths, and, if you have to, hum to yourself. The idea is to relax and get you mind off the idea of gotta go right now. Hopefully with what I've told you here it will help and you will be able to pee. Also helps to have a really full bladder with a strong urge to have to go
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