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What are common know idiosyncrasies of a person believed to

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Hi. What are common know idiosyncrasies of a person believed to be a genius? Thx. Tommy.
Welcome and thanks for your question I am Dr. German I would be here to help you and give you assistance until you are satisfied, the main 5 traits or characteristics a genius has are :
1- Number one , their intellectual capacity is above average , geniuses have an intellectual quotient of 145 or over .
2-Number two is their creativity and imagination, they visualize ideas in their minds that most people do not . Normal people have a tendency to see things in an objective way ,while geniuses have concepts in their minds about things that do not exist in real time .
3- They are really passionate about things they want to create ,focused and committed 100 % , so they have a tendency to isolate and withdraw socially to work on their projects .
4- They have a strong personality , they do not leave other people to interfere or influence about the way they think ,they behave or the projects they want to achieve.
5- They are different ,most people feel happy and satisfied when they obtain a financial gain ,they have more money ,better vacations ,they look better all that , while most geniuses satisfaction is about learning or creating new things that change the world.
If you need any additional information I will be happy to continue further and assist you until you are completely satisfied . Good luck to you and have a good day !
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