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My husband has an issue so im asking for him today. He has a

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Hello Doctor. My husband has an issue so im asking for him today. He has a history of "visual migraines", just the visual disturbance for a minute that happens but no classical migraine pain and nausea. But, today he has been sidelined all day with bad headaches that aren't responding to the usual "One aspirin or excedrine" that he might take... and this guy just won't even take that unless its bad. Well today he has had to take aspirin and excedrine, and has had nausea that has stayed and so has had to use the zofran I keep on hand for my own "lupus related gi problems"... so this is not usual for my husband. He just doesn't have headaches like this and nor will he take something for it if he does. usually. But today he has had to.. significant in of itself. and it isn't making it go away. it is decreasing in intensity for a bit but continues to have an edge... and then rebounds back full strength.
We have thought that perhaps his visual migraine may have crossed over to a classic migraine. But, just to be sure we aren't missing something more serious... let me give you some more recent history.
He is 56, in excellent physical condition, no illnesss of any type (beside visual aura migraine once a month) and does take allegra D daily for pretty bad allergies he has had all his life.
He is 6 foot tall and 189 lbs and is a farmer, and a successful one. We don't have financial stress thankfully, so that isn't an issue. We are happily married, again thankfully, are empty nesters so he would say that his stress level is moderate.... and hasn't increased lately for any reason.
But, this week he did see the doctor because he had enlarged lymph nodes on the sides of his neck. Doc did a chest x ray and said his lungs looked excellent, so he didn't have reason to worry further and felt it was a reactive lymph node reaction from possible allergy stuff going on... and he had had a stomach virus 10 day he put him on doxycycline thurs just to cover a
Hi--so just to be clear headaches are not standard for him and even if they are this one is unlike any of those before?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

that is correct. he rarely has a headache and it is usually related to sinus.

OK. Sorry to alarm you here but he needs to get to the ER right now. Any sudden, severe, unlike none before headache has to be considered a medical emergency since it could be from a leaking brain aneurysm. Of course you could be right and his migraines have just now crossed over to actual headaches from just the visual kind and that can easily be treated, but, seriously, if I were his doctor and he were on the phone with me right now with this narrative, I'd say, "I'll meet you at the ER."
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