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I am 42 years on and been on birth control bills for 18

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I am 42 years on and been on birth control bills for 18 years (no pregnancies). I have my cycles every 28 days. My last ovulation date was on July 3 ( my last cycle started June 20). I am taking apri 28 day regimen pills. It is now Saturday and I forgot to take my Thursday and Friday pills (week 3 pills). I had unprotected sex on Thursday. I took Thursday and Friday pill on Saturday around noon and I plan to take Saturday pill on Saturday night. Should I take the plan b pill to ensure I don't get pregnant?
Hi. What you've done is exactly what you should have done--take two pills on the day you remember and either take another pill later that day or two pills on the next day and then continue as usual. There's not much change of your getting pregnant in a scenario like this but I won't tell you that the chances are zero. You only have until tomorrow to take Plan B so you have to make that decision soon but I can't advise you whether or not to take it--that has to be your decision. Calling your doctor about this would help.
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