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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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How are you hope you doing good, well doc not great at

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hi doc how are you hope you doing good , well doc not great at present we are having heat wave in ireland for 8 days now up to 90 degrees its killing me i just had a few awful days and a little better today but im just wiped out most of the time, i just wish it would go back to normal, tolerating increase ok but all over the place with regards ***** ***** stability
Hey Peter. 90 degrees is the usual here in Florida and in Death Valley it's hitting 130. No air conditioning where you are? Wiped out how?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no aircon doc so finding it so hard to rest its cooled a little today and i feel a little better here and there but once i go out in sun even for 15 mins its to warm and my energy is gone and i feel irritated and zapped of energy and its so hard inside to just rest as no air con and the rooms are very warm, its throwing me off big time most days i just end up in bed for over an hour, and my mood is not great , anxiety and energy not good well very up and down , but up to yesterday was doing again a lot more than i used to as regards ***** ***** doing things but again energy doesnt seem to be up with mood and i come crashing down again , still not getting any anti d feeling like i feel good even though i seem to be acting better and doing more, last time i felt it coming good was 3 wk mark on 300 so another 4 days to go,

What all did you do yesterday?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

first few days of it tryed to stay calm but very quickly became over stimulated and did loads of walking , too much, , before that i had a day or two of feeling better, after all the working i still felt good but knew i had got lot of sun also, the next day i wasnt on the planet, there were times when i called out to jesus with the bangs of anxiety then all ovet the place very strange indeed , took it easy yesterday and still not good , bit better today but i just been asleep an hour and want to go to bed again now and it only 7.30pm, weather to cool for a few days then heat up again too,

it hasn't been all down all the time the last few days?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no doc , say sun monday tuesday felt getting better then thurs fri brutal and today not great but improvement ,also doc weather aside should i start to see a really good effect from the meds when i stabilize where i can start to function more normally my gp is getting a bit concerned that it not giving me enough to function properly and get back to work and suggested that maybe we have to think bout litium but i not sure but i know it has to greatly improve soon so i hoping it will on this amt or the next, that my energy will keep up with my mood and so i can function and get back to work again

When did you last see your psychiatrist?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

long time ago doc, before christmas dont think i will go back to him either.he aint the right man for me, far to much his own way , and from what i seen with him , not the right way for me

basically it's just you and your GP?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yup and you doc, he said like you still great chance of this working , and the pdoc didnt say i need a stabilizer ,but we also know its not working like it should i i was unsure it was as easy as just an ssri, but i was hope full the lustral could do it still am and so is gp but drop not in the right frame of mind right now with the heat and all , when i do feel good im pretty confidant still, and ive no sign of bi polar no mania , or hypomania , just the problem of stability and functioning normally, what you think doc

Why the thought of Lithium then?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

that he is a bit concerned going up so high but i know you can go up to 400, and he thought maybe lithium may help release the anti d more stablely or level all the time suppose once balance is achived

No, Peter, it doesn't work that way and since you don't have a problem with mania or hypomania I wouldn't think it would help. I think you're still on the right path here but you just have to hold on a little longer my friend. From what you've told me I have every confidence that you will stabilize very soon
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ah thats great news doc im much relieved that i dont need that stabilizer and yes ive had it rought last few days but ill pull through this, thanks doc ill let you know how i am as soon as i pick up a bit more, enjoy your day doc, hope i tolerate the weather bit better to once i stabilize then i can enjoy it more talk soon my friend

Take care Peter and try a cold shower
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