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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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The last few months my fingernails have been unusually soft

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The last few months my fingernails have been unusually soft and layers peel back on the tips surface. Therefore, I've been
trimming them very short, but as soon as they grow out a bit they again split and peel. The supplements I've been taking don't seem to be helping much. Is there something in particular that I should be taking or doing?

Thank you for your question,

I’m Dr. Saha and I’ll try to help you.

When did the problem start exactly?

Do you have any other heath problem?

Do you take any regular medicine?

When did you last consult doctor?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Started about 3 months ago. I have a tendency towards anemia, and I take Palafer capsule daily. It is improving and my hemoglobin is about
115. but the Dr.said the stored iron is not up where it should be. I also

take 10 mg.Lipitor every other day even tho my ratio is good. I have been diagnosed with some osteoarthritis, mostly in hands, and in my knees (which do seem to be getting a bit worse), but I don't have any meds for this. The Dr.did put me on 81 mg.aspirin about 3 mos ago, could that have a bearing?

I saw my Dr. in June to learn results of bloodwork, and will be seeing

him again in August, after I get bloodwork done again.

I also take supplements of Calcium, Omega 3, Multivitamin for Seniors, and Metamucil.

To help my fingernails, I have been trying Gelatin capsules, Silica (Horsetail Extract) 500mg., and/or a Hair/Skin/Nails Formula from Purity Products which is mainly Vit.D (1000 IU.) and Biotin (5000 mcg)

Thank you Anna, for all the information,

There can be a few factors for causing the condition.

Repeated soaking or drying, exposure to chemicals/ detergents can cause it.

Fungal infection of the nail can be a factor.

In addition there can be some disease conditions which can predispose like thyroid/ parathyroid disorders. diabetes, osteoporosis, osteomalacia etc.

Nutritional or deficiency states like anemia can also cause it.

Low circulation in the fingers, skin diseases like psoriasis can affect it too.

Till you see doctor you can apply moisturizers.

Biotin supplement would help.

Calcium, vitamin D supplements are also helpful in many cases.

As you have anemia, this can contribute. With correction of anemia, the nail condition can improve.

During the next visit, doctor will also check other conditions like a fungal infection.

Please avoid repeated immersion/ drying of hands, detergents etc, if you do it at all.

I hope this information will be helpful.

Please feel free to ask if you need any clarification.

Best wishes.
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