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I want to chat about my kid

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I want to chat about my kid
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Relist: I still need help. its about a skin reaction

How can I help?

What is the skin reaction?

How long has it been there?

Do you know what caused it?

What has been done so far?

How old is your child?

standing by

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

my son is 4 years old. We live in moore Oklahoma where the tornadoes were. A few days after them our 4 yr old had red bumps all over him from head to toe. we gave him Benadryl and they went away. they didn't itch him. this happened for a few days in a row. not quite as bad. they stopped but then strated randomly. he would only get them in the evening. on 6-15 he had them in the morning and I took him to an urgent care and they did a scratch test. he thought it was pollutants in the air. said to give him zyrtec. so we did. he was good til we ran out and since then he has broke out 3 times. twice after being outside all day and once after getting uoset inside at his brothers

So this is not something I can definitively diagnose online. I would need to see him.

For the moment, as long as he is ONLY having skin symptoms, I think it would be reasonable to do the following....

1. take pictures when he has the rash

2. benadryl in the appropriate dose is reasonable to give

3. if he does not have a pediatrician he needs one, as urgent cares will have a different provider on most times you would go and this problem needs a doctor who can see this and then see it again.

4. since he developed the bumps after getting upset, this may be something called "Urticaria", HERE IS A GOOD LINK FOR YOU

5. IF he develops any other symptoms with this rash, especially fever, then it is very important indeed for him to be seen immediately... then we would worry about things like diseases carried by ticks (rocky mountain spotted fever) and the like. it sounds, from what you are describing that this bothers you, but not him, and that is reassuring, but I certainly understand your concern.

Also, the fact that zyrtec worked while you had it points away from a dangerous cause, but a firm diagnosis is necessary. the pictures will help.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

this article mentions lupus and something else. is that possible? he seems like a healthy boy. he never has had a fever with it or itching. the zyrtec seemed to help. he does have a doctor but the bumps only happen in the evenings. like sunday, he was a t ana amusement park all day and we had been out of zyrtec so he hadn't hqd it in awhile and that night 5 hours later he broke out on his back and tummy. but it doesn't happen all the time while he is outside or gets upset just sometimes

lupus is a VERY rare disease in kids. I would not worry about that at all.

again, this sounds very much like hives (urticaria), as antihistamines like zyrtec DO prevent them.

the pictures will be very helpful to your pediatrician. the pediatrician will want to look for a possible trigger... just about anything can do it... new soaps, detergents, lotions, wipes, even new food or different food. your pediatrician may enlist the help of an allergist, but we need to get the diagnosis.

zyrtec can be bought over the counter, and if they don't have the liquid then benadryl liquid will work well, though it can be a bit sedating.

standing by if you have further.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I took a pic on my phone and showed his doctor but they didn't seemed concerned but that was a month ago. I tried calling and they keep blowing it off. so you don't think this is too serious then?

then set an appointment with his pediatrician, or, if you prefer, you might get him in with a dermatologist.

from what you have told me i am not particularly concerned with this in terms of it being anything bad or worrisome, but the point is to get a diagnosis. if the diagnosis is hives, then great, this is manageable and usually gets better with age, but if there is something in the house or environment that triggers it then it is important to identify that thing.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so it doesn't look like lupus, leukemia, or some crazy disease then. we just need to figure out what is causing it? can heat do this by itself

no, it doesn't look like anything dangerous.

with urticaria yes, heat and cold can do it along with a host of other things.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is it concerning that they don't itch. People keep telling me they should itch

hives (urticaria) usually itch but they do not have to. Do you have any more questions for me about this?


911Doctor and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you