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I had a past "echocardiography that represented normal size

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I had a past "echocardiography that represented normal size left ventricle with good wall motion. The left ventricle ejection fraction is 60%. The left atrium and the right ventricle appears within normal limits. The aortic and mitral valves are mostly normal. No pericardial effusion seen."
Diagnosis was "Normal size left vetricle with good wall motion.
No pericardial effusion."
Years later there is some plaque in the right vetricle. Did the past echo show I was at risk? I mean is the ejection fraction normal or should it be 100%. When it is "within normal limits," what does this mean? And "mostly normal" sounds very understated and cautious, what does this mean?


Do you have associated chest pain,shortness of breath during physical activity?

Heaviness in chest?

When was last echocardiography performed?

Are you overweight?

Lack of exercise?

Alcohol and smoking history?

Any other medical history?

Are you taking any other medications?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

shortness of breath, wheel chair bound, can only do physical therapy stretching, very limited, I try to walk around a little on walker in the kitchen without being able to stay up long, and yes, short of breath with the activity. Heaviness in chest. Last Echo was April 2012 and it said "indicated a CE," and advised follow up with cardiology, took scan without results of carotid arteries after inflammation showed on infared scan, but no results until I see the pcm on that. I am overweight, with lack of exercise, on Tramadol as needed and orthopaedic and some neuropathy problems basically.

Thanks for providing more information.

Sorry to hear about your discomfort and it's my privilege to help you in every aspect.

Firstly normal range of Left ventricular ejection fraction is 50-65 % and your reading is 60% so this is within normal limits.

Echocardiography can detect any plaque in arteries,ventricles.

So this plaque can be caused due to high cholesterol levels and it should be treated properly.As high cholesterol is a risk factor for Cardiac disease.

However as you have shortness of breath,heaviness in chest so this symptoms shouldn't be ignored and a clinical examination by a cardiologist should be considered ASAP.

Further repeat echocardiography, Cardiac stress test,Holter monitoring should be advised for further evaluation and management.

You may want to ask your physician about using fenofibrate (Antara, Tricor),Fibric acid medications,Bile acid sequestrants (Welchol, Questran, Colestipol) -cholesterol lowering drugs other than statins and cause less side effects.

Apart from this Red yeast rice is approved as a cholesterol lowering dietary supplement by FDA.
For further reading -

Omega 3 fatty acid can be helpful.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you.

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