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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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Dr. Chip, how often should I get regular check-ups with my

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Dr. Chip, how often should I get regular check-ups with my doctor, and what type of check-ups? Thank you.
Hi again. First off, do you have any specific medical conditions or take any medications on a regular basis? Second, why so many EKG's and why the brain scans? Why the endoscopies and the leg ultrasounds?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I take 320/12.5 mg of Diovan HCT once a day for hypertension. 125 MCG of Synthroid once a day for hypothyroidism. 10 mg of Buspar twice a day for anxiety. 0.25 mg of Xanax as needed for anxiety. 25 mg of Meclizine as needed for vertigo. Due to my anxiety, I felt symptoms that caused me to call 911 and go to the hospital. That's why I received numerous EKGs and the brain scans. I mean my anxiety has caused me to have all sorts of scary symptoms so many times that I think all the paramedics know me now as well as all of the hospital staff and they got tired of seeing me all the time and told me to snap out of it. Even my own doctor started to think I was overreacting. The endoscopy was because I have gastritis. The leg ultrasounds were because I one time was afraid that I might have had DVT, but I didn't.

OK--and I assume your standard tests like glucose, cholesterol, liver and kidney functions, etc are all normal?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My last cholesterol reading was 201. My liver and kidneys were O.K. according to the ultrasound and blood work. When I thought I might have had DVT, it turned out to just be a muscle strain. I am about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weigh 320 pounds. I also am trying to combat Afrin addiction. I don't know if the reason why I got pneumonia in 8/2012 was because of a build-up of mucus and sinus congestion that became a reservoir of bacteria for pneumonia or not. For the last 3 days, off and on, my chest has been hurting a little bit off and on, and I don't know if this could be Pericarditis or Pneumothorax due to the Afrin addiction. I have had scary symptoms many times before already and it is always anxiety. I have refrained for 6 or 7 months already from calling the ambulance or going to the emergency room whenever I feel this way and have fought it out. I just hate how persistent it is. Thank you.

Sorry for the delay--one last question--do you see a therapist for your anxiety?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just my primary physician. But not a psychiatrist. However, I have asked a lot of questions to mental health experts on this website and have found all the answers I needed. The root problem I believe for my depression and anxiety is that I just wish that I would have known 33 years ago what I know now. I also just wanted to add: My doctor once tested me to see if I had diabetes, and he said I was borderline. He said my result was 5.6 or 5.7. Whatever that means. Additionally, I was hospitalized from 09/02/2012 thru 09/04/2012 and they monitored my heart for 24 hours and did bloodwork every few hours and gave me another Cat-Scan and all the works and everything was good. Finally, on the following links, I copied my medical report word for word regarding my liver and my kidneys:

OK. Basically with all you've told me and with the tests you've had you only need a once a year complete physical with standard labs like a complete metabolic panel, cholesterol panel, CBC, and a thyroid panel. A yearly EKG, while not essential, could be added there.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is one more thing that I forgot about to add here. I even got a second opinion from a cardiologist and he did an echocardiogram (or echo) and an ABI Doppler on me and those results came out good too. With this new information, is your answer still the same? Thank you.

Then your heart is fine and my answer doesn't change. One thing though--I'm a great believer in one-on-one therapy for a problem like yours. Cognitive behavioral therapy could well keep you from rushing to the ER so often.
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