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my calves are so tight they hurt to walk on. It hurts more

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my calves are so tight they hurt to walk on. It hurts more when I exercise, but even when I don't they ache. When I get out of bed or sit for a long period of time it feels like I am walking on rubber bands when I try to get up to walk, it is so painful. I have tried stretching, I don't seem to get far. It also hurts to touch them, but when I get them massaged they are full of knots and after about an hour session they are better for a few days. My question is what causes this and what can I do to ease the pain?
does anything else hurt? any other symptoms?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

not sure if this is at all related, but my lower back and hips hurt a lot as well. My right hip constantly hurts to the point prolonged standing on it hurts. I can't sit cross legged because the motion hurts and raising my leg up on that side further than about 45 degrees causes the hip to feel like it has "popped out" (although it really hasn't, I don't think) the pain is so severe I have to immediately stop whatever I am doing and it is almost unbearable to move my hip or bear weight for weeks after.


Also I do have hashimotos, not sure if that matters at all

Hi Megan
It sounds like this may be something more broad going on than just your calves hurting- because your hips are hurting a lot too- and this is unusual for someone your age.
In specific, you may have some muscle breakdown going on, called myositis. This can be caused by infection (viral) or even autoimmune dieseae. The hip pain- called arthralgias can be caused by the same thing.
As well, your thyroid hormone be out of whack- this can cause both symptoms- and you have Hashimotos .You need to be tested for hypothyroidism.

You need to see your physician and get a physical exam and some labs done- including serum cpk, ESR and tsh/t3/t4. I think that you will find the answers there

Hang in there

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well I am hypothyroid, and have been for about five years, my hips and calves have hurt for about that long.


the symptoms of hypothyroid were not fully explained to me, do you believe this pain could be part of thyroid hormones being out of line?

are you taking thyroid hormones?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes I am, thyroxine I believe is the name, but I never have felt 100% even taking the hormone, they say the THS is now normal but I still have the main symptoms I had before, extreme exhaustion, confusion, brain fog, weight gain ect.


My throid antibody test was greater than 1000 and has been for at least the five years I have been being tested.

what is your TSH?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

now it is 4.5 it was 5.9 before treatment

Your TSH is too high
You are still hypothyroid
The new standards established by the american college of endocrinology call for much tighter control- 0.3 to 3.0
You are still having symptoms of hypothyroidism- and they can be joint aches, muscle aches, tiredness, brain fog, cold intolerance, etc..

Please talk to your doctor about increasing your medication

please leave postive feedback if this helped! :-)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks this really helps, I will be more direct with my doctor about my tsh level being too high.


One more question, in the meantime what is the best way to deal with the knotted calf muscles?

Warm compresses and tylenol.
But the only thing that will really help is adjusting your meds.
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