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Hi. I hear that meds coming via mail are subjected to high

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Hi. I hear that meds coming via mail are subjected to high heat. We get Medco and blood pressure meds. How do we know we can trust the meds haven't been degraded?Thanks

911Doctor :

Welcome, My answers are for educational purposes only. Remember please, that we do not get paid if you do not click 'accept' / give positive ratings!

911Doctor :

most medicines in pill and tablet form are 'heat stable'....

911Doctor :

in fact, there are only a few medicines that suffer degradation through heat exposure.

911Doctor :

there are medicines that degrade upon exposure to sunlight (UV rays)... IV nitroglycerin preparations can do this...

911Doctor :

But in terms of commonly prescribed medicines, and making sure you are signed up with a reputable mail-order pharmacy....

911Doctor :

the quality control and packaging is such that you need not worry about degradation by heat.

911Doctor :

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Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My main concern is clonodine. Is that heat resistant?Thanks!

Yes it is. Again, there are so few medicines that require special handling.

The storage instructions for clonidine say not to store it in areas of high heat, but they are not specific. In shipping, in a protected container, there is no reason for this fear. But the answer will really be when you discover that your pressures are still controlled on the mail order clonidine. I have no doubt that they will be.





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