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Dr. Amir Javed
Dr. Amir Javed, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  Master in Internal medicine (London), MBBS, expert in health and fitness (six years experience)
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If I have my labs tomorrow morning at 9:15 AM for my physical,

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If I have my labs tomorrow morning at 9:15 AM for my physical, can I eat sweets or drink alcohol tonight as long as I fast for 12 hours prior to the labs?
Thanks for the question and coming here. I would like to say that it would be better if you avoid drinking tonight because can interfere in some test results but you can take sweets as in regular routine but you need at least 12 hours fastening before the tests so don't take any thing in these 12 hours. Don't take too much sweets but you can use as in your normal routine.

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Dr. Amir Javed.
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