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I had blood work and urinalysis done and under the heading

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I had blood work and urinalysis done and under the heading of microscopic examination there is WBC 11-30 Abnormal and RBC 11-30 Abnormal. I am being denied certification for my CDL based on blood in my urine.


Do you have associated pain abdomen?



Burning sensation and pain during urination?

Frequent urination?

When was this urinalysis done?

Are you taking any medications?

Any other medical history?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No pain, i'm feeling healthy, no burning or pain urinating. Testing done April 2, 2013. Medication: coumadin 10mg daily except for tues and sat 7.5 mg I also take Toprol XL 25mg, one tab per day and aspirin .81 mg daily. i also take Vitamin D3 and B12 daily. I had my Mitral valve replaced in Sept 2000 at ***** ***** Johnson Heart Center New Brunswick NJ. The surgeon recommended a prosthetic replacement as I was 51 years old and with the porcine valve replacement would be necessary at some time.


Thanks for providing more information.

In microscopic hematuria, the urine appears normal to the
naked eye, but examination with a microscope shows presence of RBCs.

And as you are taking coumadin so it can be a contributing factor in blood in urine.

Now as you have WBC in urine as well so it indicates an infection in the kidneys or bladder.

So you need to be seen by an Urologist and undergo Ultrasound/CT
Whole abdomen
, repeat urine examination including microscopy,Urine culture & sensitivity test for further evaluation and management to rule out other underlying possible causes of microscopic hematuria which may include
Renal calculi
Urinary tract infection
Microscopic urinary bleeding can be a symptom of glomerulonephritis .

I hope I've provided
the information you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, please
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you. Thank you.

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