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Our 6-year-old daughter is having a persistent night cough.

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Our 6-year-old daughter is having a persistent night cough. Over the last few nights it has really escalated to the point where it is seriously disrupting her sleep. It bothers her only occasionally during the day, but really picks up around 7 p.m. and continues for hours. Last night, it picked up to the point where she was hacking and coughing every 30 seconds to a minute. It literally wakes her from sleep. (No sleep for anyone!) It is a slightly wet cough, but she says it's mostly a tickling feeling that's forcing her to keep trying to cough. We called our primary provider at midnight and she prescribed 4mg Methylprednisolone for her -- she is to take three tablets each night for three days. We started last night and it provided immediate relief. However, it has not done the same tonight.
She tends to have allergy based asthma, though our pollen levels are very low right now due to lots of rain lately. I believe this started two weeks ago as a cold and has now developed into a bronchitis of some sort.
She regularly takes:
* Singulair
* Allegra
We have tried OTC products:
* Sudafed w/ Pseudoephrine
* Mucinex w/ both guaf and dex.
Our primary provider has prescribed:
*antibiotic: Z-pack (she is on day 3 of taking this)
She has also prescribed:
* Bromfed -- worked initially very well with both Xopenex and Pulmicort nebulizer treatments. Seems to have stopped working.
* We switched to Cheratussin AC Syrup, but it didn't seem to make her very sleepy. (1 tsp.) The coughing persisted.
It is now 10:48pm and she is up and on my lap and happy as a clam -- coughing only occasionally because she is up and moving. We need help to get her (and myself) a good night's sleep while this bug takes its time passing through.
Should I try the Bromfed or Cheratussin to get us through the night again? (I'm at a loss of what to reach for at this point...)


Well there is moderate drug interaction between Cheratussin AC and Methylprednisolone.

So it's advised not to use them together.

You can give her Bromfed with methylprednisolone.

You should elevate her head side of bed.

Also give her warm liquids.

Use a humidifier in your room.

And it is good to see her doctor again and further blood work like CBC,ESR,Absolute eosinophil count,Chest X-ray to rule out underlying possible cause.

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