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My daughter had a very bad virus in December that caused her

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My daughter had a very bad virus in December that caused her two lymph nodes at the base of her head to swell. One went away but the other shrunk to a very small pea size that is soft and NOT tender to the touch. Her pediatrician examined it several times and said that sometimes they just remain; he pointed out one that he has in his neck that never fully went away. Today we were seen in the ER because she was complaining of back pain and head pain (in the area of the node). The doctor said the node was very small and not concerning. She recommended that we 'just ignore it' ; but to ease my daughter's mind she did bloodwork and it was all normal. She came back in the room and said 'You do NOT have leukemia'. It was a relief to say the least.
My question is can an enlarged lymph node stay like that forever?
Hi--yes, nodes like that may never return completely to normal size but that doesn't make them at any risk for later developing anything like a lymphoma. Like your doctor, I have a couple of nodes in my neck that have been a little enlarged for forty years and I don't worry about them at all.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, so at this point just trust in her drs and the normal bloodwork? The internet frightens me because it said something about a biopsy.....

Not for nodes that enlarged during an infection--those are nothing to worry about. In lymphomas, for example, the nodes begin to enlarge without any infection being present. And lymphoma nodes only get larger--they don't begin to shrink like your daughter's did. Absolutely nothing to worry about and that node may, in time, get back to normal size.
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