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Let me start by saying Im a a female and religiously shave

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Let me start by saying I'm a a female and religiously shave my entile pubic area. Last Thursday I dug out an infected ingrown hair on the lip of my vagina and two days later shaved the entire area with a older duller razor. I went out that night and wore skinny jeans and rode my bike for about 5 mile I also had unprotected sex with the man I've been dating for awhile. On monday I noticed another bump about 1cm from he initial ingrown hair. When I looked at it closely it did have a hair in it so I pulled it out with a pair a tweezers. I worked a 12hr shift that night on my feet. Tues I noticed that it was getting worse. They didn't look like clusters or blisters. I self diagnosed myself with folliculitis. I immediately started washing with antibacterial soap and applying ointment...I've had reactions to certain ointments in the past...allergic reactions that have caused swelling and when I got my tattoo. I've also been soaking these bumps with hot water in the tub. Today they looked a little worse so I decided to go to the clinic. The Dr. Said it looks like herpes and did a swab. Now I am offically freaking out. Is there any chance for a dr to mistake folliculitis for herpes? I feel my at home treatment may have aggravated the problem and I'm scared. I've seen on many website's dr mistake herpes for folliculitis but not the other way around. Has anyone experienced this before?
Hi--I understand your concern her but can you give me a full description of these bumps and did the doctor also do a blood screen for herpes?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They started out as one bump that definitely had an ingrown hair in it. After a shaved the 2nd time with an old razor the 2nd bump appeared and also has a visual hair in it. Those 2 bumps looked like lesions that resemble folliculitis. I then stopped shaving and after working all night Monday while wearing thong underwear it was worse on Tuesday. It went from 2 to 5 bumps and I started putting ointment on them. Everyone had a hair in it or around it. I'm afraid I may be having a reaction to the ointment I was using

The ointment is fluocininide. Now they look like blisters instead of pimple but when I applyed neosporin to my tattoo I got the same reaction.

OK--this sounds like maybe it started out as folliculitis, but you may now have tinea--a yeast skin infection. If that's the case, the fluocinoide would actually have made it worse and I'd have you switch to Lamisil cream for that. I think there's every reason to think the swab will be negative for herpes.
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