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God please help, I have been helping a man, running him

Customer Question

God please help, I have been helping a man, running him around for erands I have noticed he dont change his cloths he stinks to high heaven,some times I tell him he needs to shower, he says he does, I dont think so,  hes got white stuff like dandruff on the outside of his coat every day my family is thinking its some type of lice or mite.twice now in six years I find black specs all over my house.its gone away for two years now its back, Im done his family can do it. i have not been around him for two weeks now his family needs to take over.He says its nothing,  he lying i can tell,(he has stayed here numerous of times)I fight him to shower and he wont, we are all ihave been taking anhistamine d no help itching like crazy getting bitten, cleaning pepper and white mushy stuff out of our nails, im type one diabetic and I got scars from last time picking those black dots out of my skin got lindain ande it helped but dident make it gone cleaning did but im so tired no help im the worst ive tried bombs I cant wipe eveverything house to big, we own it and are strapped to higher a exterminater out of our toes and fingernails.when we put suntan lotion on and as we rub it on it feels gritty, we looks to us like dirt or grains of pepper or hard white grains of riceall over are bodys we of course whipe them off im the worst cause I clean all day husband works daily, Should I stocleaning it so aggressivly for awhile?  i can see transparent ones on my linolium kinda looks like a moskito,there back the next day white in our eye lashes we get what looks like stys in our eyes, I got it the worst im cleaning it my hubby works showers every morn I shower at night cause im cleaning whatever it is its in the fridge gets in food my grand daughter has been witg us with her mom tgere going tgrew the same is getting rashes topof diaper back legs she just statted crawling we have cloth furniture lots of carpet the pom is itching keep him cut short and groomed every month what is this we are itching to death please help us

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Camille-Moderator replied 4 years ago.


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